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Oklahoma's Leading Provider of Permanent, Exterior Lighting



Permanent accent exterior lighting

Accent Security Lighting

Although light cannot keep a burglar from breaking into your home, it can make it easier for you or your neighbor to see someone trying to get inside so you can prevent it or call the police faster. We have also heard from our customers that our lights have especially reduced how many amazon boxes go missing, even in low crime areas.

permanent christmas and holiday lights

Holiday Lighting

Outdoor seasonal lights are fun for everyone and help get the neighborhood in the holiday spirit. With Wild Oak Lighting, you can leave your lights up year round without making your HOA or neighbors upset! They are permanently installed behind your trim enclosed in an aluminum track that’s the same color to be discreet from the street.

jellyfish permanent LED lighting on home exterior

Game Day Lighting

It has been a long challenge to be able to easily decorate your home with your favorite team’s colors. On Saturday you can put on your favorite college team’s colors then Sunday your favorite pro football team. When having a Superbowl party you can tell people to look for the green and gold lit home. If your team starts losing you can turn them off and if they win you can leave them on all night.






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